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    Share Visuals in Real-time During Voice and Chat Calls, for ALL Calls, ALL Networks

    Result: Increase Self-Service Call Containment, Shorten Calls, Improve First Call Resolution Rate, Improve Customer Satisfaction, and more

    True Visual IVR (or VIVR)

    Voice with Visuals

    A True Visual IVR (Visual Interactive Voice Response or VIVR) system improves calls into irritating automated phone systems by offering a 'Voice with Visuals' sharing for smart device and browser users during ordinary voice or chat calls. This visual interactive voice response technology is compatible with the existing infrastructure and provides a better Customer Experience via:

    • Easy-to-navigate visual menus which are tappable
    • Easy-to-send visual content from browser and mobile users
    • Easy-to-comprehend visual responses
    • Easy and smart transfer to websites
    • Easy intelligent transfer to visual live assistance for ongoing collaboration with voice, visuals, and chat, thereby improving mobile customer service

    The multi-channel visual interactive voice response technology includes Visual IVR, Visual Live Assistance, Visual AI-based Phonebots and Chatbots .


    What is Unique About a True Visual IVR (VIVR)?

    • Adds 'voice with visuals' capability to both automated and live agents.
    • Works with any phone and any network.
    • Starts instantly for visual sharing, NO download needed.
    • Launches from phone or chat call, website, web app, SMS message, or mobile app.
    • Leverages deep, disruptive Intellectual Property. Broad issued patents for joining a data session with phone or other session.

    It's Time to Rethink the Power of Ordinary Phone Calls!

    • What if your ordinary phone call turned into a 'voice with visuals' experience?
    • What if you could talk to web pages?  What if the web pages answered?
    • What if your call went to a service rep and she showed you what you needed?

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    TrueVisualIVR.com is sponsored by ChoiceView, a leading visual IVR vendor, as both a service and a discussion forum to clarify confusion regarding the term "Visual IVR."


    The confusion observed by ChoiceView comes from products using the adjective "visual" to modify the term IVR while not providing any visual solution during calls into IVRs. In essence, it appears these are products that work with IVRs but are not IVRs themselves. Remember, a contact center IVR helps all calls into an IVR from all phone types and always front-ends with a phone call.


    Help us reduce the confusion. We want to hear what you have to say. Please share your input and help us as the leading Visual IVR vendor better serve the IVR industry by clarifying what is truly a Visual IVR.






    ChoiceView is a 'voice with visuals' cloud-based communications solution for businesses to improve mobile customer service for smartphone and browser users during calls to businesses.


    Enabling instant, simultaneous two-way sharing of visuals while talking or chatting, ChoiceView allows live or automated contact center agents to send ANY visuals while communicating with mobile callers on ANY network and using ANY phone. Visual and voice data are joined securely during the transaction. Callers can save received visuals for later use, input text, and share forms with agents or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology. Enterprises can save transaction records.


    The multi-channel visual engagement offering includes Visual IVR, Visual Live Assistance, Visual AI-based Phonebots and Chatbots .


    Businesses use ChoiceView from a leading visual IVR vendor to improve mobile customer service, increase self-service call containment, have more first-call resolutions, reduce operating costs, increase sales, and efficiently complete transactions. Use cases include customer sales and care, remote patient monitoring, technical support, e-commerce, and more.


    Learn more about ChoiceView.


    Radish Systems - The ChoiceView Company


    Radish Systems, the maker of ChoiceView, is the leading Visual IVR vendor improving how organizations communicate visually with end users using smartphones and browsers.


    Radish's mission is to improve business communications, whether it's a call to a service representative or an automated system such as an Interactive Voice Response system or a Virtual Assistant. With extensive Voice/Data experience, the Radish founders have roots from Bell Labs. They invented and deployed the first Visual IVRs in the 1990s.


    Servicing the large, growing Contact Center, IVR, Intelligent Assistant, BPO, mobile, and business communications markets, Radish Systems helps organizations improve customer experience and engagement through its patented ChoiceView cloud-based 'voice with visuals' engagement platform.


    Radish Systems' maintains compatibility with the existing telephone infrastructure, contact centers, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology.


    Learn more about Radish Systems, the leading Visual IVR vendor.


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